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Eric Johnson - Trail Of Tears

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  • Eric Johnson - Trail Of Tears

    Take me from these earth bound chains
    I must find it once again
    The meaning of equality

    We will never hide in shame
    But forever guard the flame
    Burning for eternity

    Hundreds of nights
    Oh, my body cries
    A trail of tears

    Promises sometimes don't keep
    Freedom, put to sleep, and now I know
    (I lay my body down)
    Written with the words you tell
    Stories, a lesson in life from long ago

    Hold on, hold dear
    The time is near
    When you'll know why
    The spirit flies
    Children carried on your back
    Driven through the wind and cold
    How have you become so few
    But in the end, oh, I will see
    Your spiritual liberty
    Forever to be with you