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Boulevard - Where Is the Love

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  • Boulevard - Where Is the Love

    Boulevard - Where Is the Love

    Where is the love
    Love just seemed to drift away
    We must've lost it day by day
    How did it happen, I can only guess
    This emotional blindness got us in This mess
    Here it comes again, that cold dark pain
    Playin' with my body, messin' with my brain
    Won't somebody help me, doesn'tAnyone care?
    Doesn't somebody need me, anywhere.
    Anywhere i go?

    Where is the love i thought you had inside?
    Where is the love that you used to Feel for me?
    Where is the love? I've got this hurt
    To deep inside of me
    Where is the love I need?

    You locked the door when I just Wanted more
    You hid your love, when it's love we Should have made
    I did all the give and you did all the take
    Tears of passion, tears of pain
    Tears of fire, don't want this hurt again
    Won't somebody help me doesn't Anyone care?
    Doesn't somebody need me, anywhere,
    Anywhere i go?

    And the tears, I cried seem so cold and dry
    Now I can only hear, that small
    Voice inside:
    ..she's gone...